Excalibur Deluxe 1-Way RF Kit RF-31-EDP

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1-way RF kit
Pairs with the OmegaLink plug-in RS kits and the OL-MDB-ALL databuss integration module
Dual 4-button LED remote controls
1500' range
Keyless Entry
Trunk release
Maintains driver settings in vehicle
Low volt/low temp auto start
Ignition lock/unlock
Also compatible with:
OL-RS-BM1 for select 2005 - Up BMW and MINI Vehicles
OL-RS-BZ1 for Select 2006-2013 Mercedes-Benz Vehicles
OL-RS-BZ2 for Select 2003-2013 Mecedes Benz Vehicles
OL-RS-BZ3 for Select 2008-2014 Mecedes Benz Vehicles
OL-RS-BZ4 for select Mercedes Benz models
OL-RS-CH4 for select 2008 - Up Chrysler 'Tipstart' Models
OL-RS-CH5 for select 2005 - Up Chrysler Non-Tipstart' Models
OL-RS-CH7 for Select 2011-2014 Chrysler Vehicles
OL-RS-FO1 for select 2006 - up Ford vehicles
OL-RS-GM2 for select 2004 - up GM 'SWC' Models
OL-RS-GM7 for select 2010 - up GM 'Flip-Key' Models
OL-RS-GM10 for select 2006 - up GM 'SWC' Models